Metal is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture as it is durable and versatile. Wrought iron furniture can be left outdoors all year round and with minimal maintenance can last for a lifetime. You can brighten up an area with a bold coloured patio set or with brightly coloured cushions on your metal chairs. Wrought iron furniture should be considered an investment. It’s a product that can withstand the test of time, weather and use. The designs are timeless and wrought iron furniture won’t need to be repaired or replaced anytime soon.

Our daybeds can be used as an extra bed in a child’s room for friends sleeping over, double up as a sofa/extra bed in a guest room or as a sofa on an outdoor patio. The daybeds we manufacture are sturdy and durable and will be a feature in your home for years to come.

In a room full of soft furnishings and wood a wrought iron table can bring a different dimension and create visual interest. We have made numerous custom table legs and table bases for our clients over the years. From an entrance hall server or console table to dining tables to lamp tables next to your couches, we can custom make them to your dimensions and specifications.

Shelf brackets are increasingly popular in kitchens with open shelving, our brackets are decorative as well as functional as we use thick material ensuring that the shelves can carry weight.



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